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Several corpses of dogs discovered in a freezer in Tonneins

The municipal police of Tonneins discovered several corpses of puppies in a freezer. (©Le Républicain 47 – illustration)

A discovery disconcerting. The municipal police of Tonneins were warned, Tuesday, October 11, 2022 in the afternoon, that an inhabitant would keep dead puppies in his freezer.

Worse. It would even seem that it would be for the to eat…

A patrol then went on site to shed light on the first statements collected from a local resident.

A handful of corpses

What the police found in the freezer sends shivers down the spine: 4 or 5 dead puppies.

The cause of their death is not known. Nor the reasons for their presence in the freezer.

He reportedly said he just wanted to keep them. Nothing allows to determine if he really wanted to consume them.

Dogs removed

According to the town hall, the corpses were removed and sent for rendering. But, several dogs – very much alive – would have been removed from the individual, still according to the municipality.

Videos: currently on Actu

The gendarmes were warned of this dark story. Aged about fifty, the Tonneinquais would suffer from psychological disorders. No proceedings have been initiated at this time.

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