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Shortage of fuel: in Chartres, the law firm Fidal, has canceled its non-urgent appointments outside the department

“Just this morning, I received an SMS from a client to cancel an appointment, because he had no more fuel to come! Master Thibault Betsch, accustomed to working on demanding business, did not think that one day he would have to manage the grotesque diesel file.

If the situation gets worse…

At the head of the Fidal office in Chartres, which has twelve lawyers and twenty employees, operating throughout France, the manager was forced to review his plans. “We do a lot of trips by car, over one or two days. We canceled appointments outside the department, except emergencies, such as hearings. We provide appointments which can be by video or telephone. We postpone everything that can be. And we maintain our meetings and local hearings. »

Priority professions: the updated list of service stations in Eure-et-Loir where to find fuel

If the situation worsens, the lawyer does not rule out giving up remote hearings. “We won’t be able to honor them if we don’t have enough fuel, we won’t take the risk of leaving with a half-full tank, with no guarantee behind it. »
So far, the Fidal office has not experienced a staff shortage. “For now, we’re getting there, we’re adapting… But all the supplies are taken by storm. When an app reports a station that has gas, the time to get there, there is no more. We cannot anticipate anything. It takes time to queue. We are all a little nervous and tense like everyone else! », smiles the lawyer.

Fuel shortage in Eure-et-Loir: “I remain confined to my home!”, Testifies a shopkeeper from Anet

And for good reason, yesterday, the gauge of its tank showed signs of weakness. Tipped on the opportunity, he ended up finding a station with fuel and was able to help himself, according to a ceiling, at 10:30 p.m. after 45 minutes of waiting. “We would do well without such a constraint after a day’s work. »




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