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Student housing: everything you need to know about insurance!

Student housing is subject to the same risks and insurance obligations as any other rental. That said, there are details.

Like any other tenant, a young person must provide student accommodation ! On the other hand, there are exceptions, depending on statutes and assets. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Student housing: compulsory insurance?

Depending on the type of student accommodationis a young person sometimes required to be insured against rental risks. This is the case for students who rent a studio or apartment. And this, whether alone or with a roommate!

According to the law, they must cover their rental liability. To do this, they must present a certificate when they sign the lease. Logic!

On the other hand, some young people are not required to have insurance for their student accommodation. It’s about tenants in furnished apartments, residential housing, U-housing and seasonal rentals.

After all, they are not exempt from signing such a contract. And with good reason, the landlord can demand it through a clause in the lease. Which amounts to the same thing!

Note: there are also specific contracts for student housing. In this case, young people must present their student card to benefit from it. Or even a proof of schooling in higher education. Normal!

Finally there is the special case of joint tenancy. In this case there are 3 solutions. Primarily, there are individual contracts. Every young person must have their own contract!

Next, there is the agreement. This must be the name of all the roommates in the student accommodation! Finally, there is one last solution. The landlord can offer insurance to the roommates in the tenancy. Oh yes!

Above all, this solution has 2 advantages. First of all, it is cheaper for young people. And after that, the owner has no action to take in the event of a roommate change. Which can happen often. In short, everyone is a winner!

What guarantees are offered?

In the case of regular letting or shared housing, the insurance can be taken out via a multi-risk housing contract. In all cases, student housing insurance may have different guarantees.

The first is mandatory. These are rental risks! The second is not mandatory. But very important! It is civil liability in the event of an accident. Oh yes!

The third is also optional. It is recourse of neighbors and third parties. Finally, the last guarantee covers movable property and personal effects. Also important!

Some contracts specific to student housing have other guarantees. So they can predict limited furniture and personal effects. What costs less. Logic!

You have to be careful though. Take effect, this type of contract does not always include a warranty for valuables. It is therefore necessary to check the terms of the contract. So don’t forget it!

Generally, these contracts cover against many events. Just like fires, storms, water damage, theft or glass breakage. The total!

Finally, some insurance companies offer other guarantees. Assistance, troubleshooting, legal… everything is possible ! This of course depends on your needs. So it’s up to you!



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