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Take care of yourself and your family with the right insurance contracts!

One can never be too considerate, it is often said. And in terms of insurance, it is more than wise to take stock of your current contracts, especially about the guarantees provided and the limits of support or coverage. Don’t hesitate to take a tour of the contracts you have, whether it’s life insurance, mutual insurance, home or auto insurance, or even a legal protection contract or casualty. All these contracts represent several hundred euros per year for the insured, but also considerable protection in the event of damage. Let’s check in.

Mutual insurance to take care of your health

When health is good, everything is good! On the other hand, it is difficult to pay for all the necessary care when you are sick if you do not have optimal health insurance… Especially since dental, hospitalization or even optical costs can be very expensive. If you are employed, you certainly have the health insurance offered by your employer. You must check the coverage provided, especially by studying the guarantee table, in order not to have too large a balance because, as you know, health insurance does not cover everything 100%. If you are self-employed or on a fixed-term contract, do a little comparison of the best mutuals to insure yourself.

And if you have more specific health needs, it may be wise to choose additional health insurance under e.g. your treatment. Because this contract will supplement your current mutual insurance company with better coverage. “I had to see my dentist for a rather expensive treatment and I checked the coverage level of my mutual insurance and I realized I had quite a large sum to pay. So I looked for one super complementary and doing the math, it was cheaper for me to pay about 15 euros a month for a year than having to pay all at once for care…”explains Tiphaine*, an employee. *Name has been changed.

For your family, it is also more than important to check the coverage levels. And one of the tricks is to combine contracts to limit the cost of choosing only family health insurance.

I find a good health insurance

The right car insurance

The same foresight logic applies to all insurance contracts, based on the principle that prevention is better than cure. If you are looking for the cheapest contract, you may be less covered in the event of damage. And in terms of car insurance, on the one hand, if your car is damaged, it can quickly cost you dearly… and even if it’s only material, it can require you to replace the vehicle with a value less than the one you had !

“My car was set on fire and my insurance company offered me a compensation of 2000 euros to replace it… which was not at all the price of what I had paid for the car… Result, no Kun, I don’t have a car more, but besides that I can’t buy one for 2000 euros! So I will have to invest from my own pocket…”, notes Sophie, teacher. But if you have an accident, it can also put you in a more than dramatic situation! It is therefore better to avoid choosing only third-party insurance (depending on the use of your vehicle) and to prefer intermediate car insurance formulas or all-risk insurance.

I compare insurances to find the best car cover

Other types of important insurance contracts for your family

Although health is at the heart of the concerns, it is also important to pay attention to your other insurance agreements, such as the home insurance agreement. Check each line of the contracts and the amounts for compensation, support or exclusion so as not to be caught off guard in the event of a claim or in a difficult financial situation that would require you to pay large amounts.

Also think about dependent insurance with other insurance contracts, such as death insurance, legal protection insurance or life accident insurance. The key to choosing your contracts is of course to examine the size of the contribution, but also the conditions for compensation, exclusions and deduction periods. On the other hand, before you sign a contract, whatever it is, it is good to understand it.



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