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Tebas’s lawyer in France slams PSG – Teller Report

Javier Tebas, president of the Spanish football league, filed a complaint against PSG with UEFA (read here). And he appointed the lawyer Juan Branco to represent it. The latter spoke on the antenna of RMC Sports. Extracts.

“PSG have managed to dodge applicable law for years. They have had more or less effective tactics. More or less legal by the way. There have been a number of legal proceedings that have been launched following a a number of maneuvers that weren’t quite in the nails. We establish a rule and they manage to get around it every time. Manchester City does the same… We, this time, we’re going to try to set our limits and reattach the framework from which they are constantly escaping (…) Real found themselves in a position of unfair competition with PSG. We find ourselves with Real saving its little money year after year, which does not “Hasn’t made any great recruitments in the past two years and finds himself in a position where he can’t follow the proposals made by PSG. It’s a complicated and unfair situation.”




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