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The 2022 midterms deliver their results… Republicans ready to shake up Joe Biden

The Republicans, if they take over the House of Representatives, can counter Joe Biden’s commitments. The result of the Midterms 2022, which was communicated on Wednesday 9 November, is decisive in this sense.

The American midterm elections, “Midterms”, are always approached with fear of the president in place. Could Joe Biden Lose His Senate Majority? Will the Republicans take over the House of Representatives? This last hypothesis seems very likely: the results of the elections organized this Tuesday, November 8, 2022, reach us continuously, state by state and even constituency by constituency in terms of electing alternates. To follow the results of these Midterms, go to our big live dedicated to the event :

If the Republicans succeed in obtaining the majority of seats in the House of Representatives, they intend to give Joe Biden a hard time for the rest of his term. In particular, its commitments to combat global warming and the support policy for Kiev may face certain barriers. Kevin McCarthy, who could become the new Republican leader of the House of Representatives in case of victory, said on CNN on Monday, November 7 that he had no intention of “writing a blank check” to Ukraine in the coming months. , while the United States has committed itself to significant financial support to counter the Russian military offensive in Europe. Democrats hope to hold their policy course, even in the face of majority opposition in the House of Representatives, but they must retain the Senate if they do not want Republicans to be able to legislate and create major roadblocks.



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