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Google and Renault strengthen their partnership (towards tailored insurance?)

The Mountain View company and the French automaker are formalizing new agreements to develop new software platforms and improve the user experience (and even a little more, as you will see in the conclusion).

A story that has been rolling since 2018

The two companies have already worked hand in hand since 2018, which has allowed Renault to offer, among other things, the OpenR Link infotainment system based on Android Automotive within the Megane E-Tech, as you have seen in our video (see below). Google and Renault officially announce today that they will continue and intensify their joint efforts in the future by developing the platform Software-defined vehicle. For the latter, Renault and Google will design a digital twin of the vehicle (Digital Twin) based on artificial intelligence to facilitate the continuous integration of services in the vehicle and the creation of new applications, the latter available on board the vehicle via Android Automotive or outside via dedicated smartphone applications. The goal is of course to be able to offer updates and new features in the form of on-demand options to future customers, as we currently see with several manufacturers, such as Tesla or BMW.

Additional data analysis

This partnership will also enable Renault to accelerate end-to-end digital transformation, from car design to production to market launchthe wish of Luca de Meo, director of Renault. This transition will thus be based on the analysis of data from vehicles and from the manufacturer’s factories via Google’s servers. (of course, both companies insist on maintaining the confidentiality of user data throughout the process) to improve the user experience by, for example, providing personalized services and information (preferred charging stations, frequent trips, maintenance forecasts, real-time diagnostics and predictive maintenance) taking into account the habits of the vehicle owner.

Tailor-made insurance?

Renault and Google are also discussing the possibility to develop personal insurance models based on the behavior of the driver behind the wheel as well as on the actual use of the vehicle (which will only please very conscientious drivers, who will be offered lower prices in contrast pilots more nervous drivers who could see their bills rise).

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