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the best decision he made in his life, according to him, was to adopt a dog!

Chris Evans was recently the guest of an original interview concept “The Puppy Interview“, in other words “The interview with puppies”. So he answered a number of questions, while being surrounded by baby dogs. On this occasion, he mentioned his Boxer cross, dodgerand the importance he held in his life.

Chris Evans met Dodger on the set of a movie

The actor of Captain America always thought he would adopt a dog that was only a few months old. But his plans were turned upside down when he met the gaze of dodgerduring the filming of Gifted, 5 years ago. In this film, one of the last scenes was shot in a pound. In his interview, Evans admits that he then wondered if the dogs in the center were actors or real shelter dogs. In reality, all the animals in the kennel were indeed abandoned or stray dogs.

love at first sight

During filming, Evans then crossed dodger. He shared the video of the encounter, which shows the dog wagging its tail briskly and licking the actor’s hand. At the moment, Chris Evans knew he had to adopt her.

They estimate he is about a year old”, he explained in the lyrics reported by Dailymail. “He acts like a puppy, he has the energy of a puppy, he’s so adorable, he’s such a good boy. He loves dogs, he loves children, he is full of love.

Evans is now so complicit with his dog, that he has his name tattooed on his chest. His Instagram account is also full of publications with his four-legged companion.

Chris Evans calls on his fans to adopt adult dogs

Following his experience, the actor advises all his fans to do like him by adopting an adult dog. He stated “It wasn’t the story I had in mind, but it ended up being the best decision of my life. I just think a lot of adult dogs and older dogs are neglected, and that’s a shame.



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