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Guémené-sur-Scorff: Christine does not want to part with her four cats and two dogs

Resident of Guémené-sur-Scorff (Morbihan), Christine Schauinger does not want to part with her four cats and two dogs. ©Pontivy Journal

“I will never abandon them! I can’t live without my animals. They are old and at the end of their life. It’s shameful what I’m being asked to do. » Christine Schauinger60 years old, lives in Guemene-sur-Scorff (Morbihan), a small apartment, owned by the municipality, with its four cats and two dogs.

On June 16, the City of Guémené-sur-Scorff sent him a letter asking him, within 48 hours, “to no longer have cats on a personal basis and to find a hosting solution for your animals and to assume your costs, the disinfection of the premises”. That is to say, his apartment and a medical office located on the ground floor of the building.

“The problem is not new: it’s invaded by fleas! »

René Le Moullec, Mayor of Guémené-sur-Scorff

The Regional Health Agency seized

A few years ago, the municipality had already carried out, at its own expense, a disinfection of the apartment occupied by Christine Schauinger and of the medical office. But the fleas have come back.

“We know that the chips come from Mrs. Schauinger. We have seen it. Several times, the medical office called us. But, this time, the medical office went directly to the Regional Health Agency, which, in turn, asked us to act by reminding us of the departmental health regulations. So we had no choice”.

Rene Le Moullec

“The fleas come from the pigeons in the attic! »

The departmental health regulations indicate, in its article 26, that it is forbidden to raise and maintain inside the dwellings, their outbuildings and their surroundings and to leave parked in the common premises animals of all species whose number or behavior or state of health could affect the safety or health of homes or their surroundings.

Christine Schauinger ensures that her four cats, aged between 11 and 16, and her two dogs, aged 13 and 16, are treated monthly against parasites. For her, fleas do not come from her home. But from the attic, located above his apartment: “It’s filled with pigeons and droppings. There is even a dead pigeon! »

Obligation to evacuate for 48 hours

The products used to disinfect his apartment and the medical office will force its occupants to leave the premises for 48 hours. The date of the treatment is not yet fixed.

“Okay, I’ll be gone for 48 hours; I will have my diabetic cat hospitalized during this time at the veterinarian. But, no question that I abandon my other animals; that would be the worst thing anyone would ask me to do”.

Christine Schauinger

Aware of Christine Schauinger’s difficulties, René Le Moullec repeats: “We try to manage as well as possible, but we have no choice; it’s a question of nuisances to the neighborhood and health. She has to find a solution for her animals”.

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