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United States: Missouri announces that it is the “first” state to ban abortion after the Supreme Court decision

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While the American Supreme Court buries this Friday a judgment guaranteeing the right of American women to have an abortion, the very conservative state of Missouri announces, in the process, to ban abortion.

The Missouri Attorney General announced on Friday that this conservative state in the center of the United States had become the “first” to ban voluntary terminations of pregnancy in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision, which revoked the right to abortion. .

ud83dudea8BREAKING: With the Dobbs decision just handed down and a stroke of my pen — Missouri became the first state to effectively end abortion and has become the most Pro Life state in America.

— Eric Schmitt (@Eric_Schmitt) June 24, 2022

“This is a monumental day for the sanctity of life,” Eric Schmitt said in a tweet accompanied by an image showing him ratifying the bill that “truly” ends abortion in Missouri – State which only had one clinic allowing such an operation.

More information to follow.



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