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The best drone insurance?

The best drone insurance?

The drone is an aircraft that does not have a crew like other flying devices. As a special feature, its control is automatic and remote controlled. Unlike other aircraft, this device can be used by a wide variety of people. Civilians, security guards or armed forces, everyone can fly a drone. Provided that the individual knows how to guide him. But this amazing equipment that is capable of offering beautiful aerial footage can break anytime. That is why it is important to take out parachute insurance. Do you want to know more about this type of contract? Here are the most important things to remember.

What is Parachut drone insurance?

Parachut is an insurance brokerage company. It first started its activities in mobile telephony before opening up to other areas. Today, Parachut has the necessary weapons to provide you with services insurance of drone Effective.

Parachute drone insurance is a service that covers several damages related to this aircraft. Although very practical, this small flying object encounters various types of problems. Sometimes the owner can lose control of his machine. Such a situation leads to the breakdown of the aircraft.

In other cases, it is one breakdown technical in full use of the drone causing the problems. It is to deal with these situations that Parachut drone insurance is effective. It provides many guarantees to subscribers.

The various guarantees covered by Parachut drone insurance

Parachute drone insurance covers several types of claims. Whether the reasons are technical or mechanical, you are sure to find satisfaction with the Parachut. Below are the types of covered damages supported in drone insurance.

A drone failure

The breakdowns are of different origins. It could be a bad handling or a fault on one of the components of the drone.

In any case, it must be repaired in order to reuse it. In general, the cost of repairing the aircraft is very expensive. The price for this service varies by brand. In other cases, repairers take into account the condition of the device (new or used) to determine the price of the service.

With parachute drone insurance, you no longer have to worry. That guarantee breakdown to drone will be able to help you with the repair of your aircraft. You will be able to use your flying object again and continue your beautiful pictures.

The breakage of the drone

The drone can reach a height of about 100 meters or even more. It is always good to be able to fly with your device during this time and enjoy beautiful landscapes. However, a little clumsiness is enough to bring down a drone. So welcome to the damage: camera here, the body there and the wings scattered at the scene of the accident. What a shame! The problems start right now.

Of course, parachute drone insurance will come to your rescue. No matter how serious the accident, you will find help to repair your aircraft.


The drone is a device that is used outdoors, which is also logical. However, you know that flying your aircraft outside can expose it to various elements. It can happen that it suddenly starts to rain, or you lose control of the drone, which ends up in a river. Although your flying device knows how to gain altitude, it won’t always react well in the presence of water.

It is to overcome this that Parachut has created guarantee oxidation for drones. This service supports the repair of a drone whose failure is related to a liquid.

Theft or loss of a drone

Your drone is so efficient that it attracts all eyes. But be careful, some admirers might want to grab it from you. If your device has been stolen, you will definitely find a solution with parachute insurance thanks to guarantee flight to drone.

Furthermore, there is also guarantee loss to drone. This is useful in case you can no longer find your flight. It is true that parachute insurance covers all these requirements. Nevertheless, as an owner, it is important to monitor your device carefully.

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The solutions offered in Parachut drone insurance

Parachute drone insurance offers three main solutions to its subscribers. It’s about replacementof repair and off compensation. These are used according to the requirement. For example, a drone with a propeller or camera problem will be repaired, while the owner, when lost or stolen, will have to be compensated or replace his device.

With Parachut, it is possible to see your drone replaced by another of similar quality in a short time. The broker compensates the subscriber at the fair price of his unit.

The price of Parachut drone insurance

With Parachut, the subscriber has a single contract for all its services, including the drone. From 9.99 by month without obligation, you can insure your flight. In addition, you have one month free with the premium offer. You also have at your disposal a customer area that allows you to manage your subscriptions.


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