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the cat approaches and surprises everyone (Video)


The baby howls not to sleep: the cat approaches and surprises everyone (Video)

Putting a newborn to sleep is far from always easy. Many parents compete with various and varied ideas to manage to put their offspring to sleep as quickly as possible. But sometimes the solution is elsewhere.

Getting a baby to sleep can quickly become a headache and take hours. For this reason, many parents are willing to test all solutions to simplify this process. But sometimes the solution is much simpler than you think.

On Reddit, a user with the nickname “reallyumt” shared a recent experience on video. He explains that his newborn was not decided to sleep and that no one was able to make him fall into the arms of Morpheus, despite many efforts.

A “Super Nanny” cat

This is where the family cat comes into play. The tomcat comes to position himself very close to the baby who is still screaming. And, in less than a minute, the child calms down in contact with the cat.

Obviously, this cat with the super power of sleep has met with real success on Reddit where many parents have indicated that they dream of having the same at home available.

Remember that you must always be careful when a child is in the presence of an animal. Supervision must be at all times and animals must not be forced to interact with a child.

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