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Tons of trash picked up and dogs saved


Since Tuesday, a team of influential metropolitan influencers and artists on social networks have carried out various actions for the protection of the environment as part of the “Together for the oceans” operation led by the YouCare association (creator of the 1% label for animals) and Ultra Premium direct, a dog and cat food company. An expedition as part of the “Together for the Ocean” mission, intended to “to rescue the island dogs and sea turtles.”

Natoo, Denitsa, Laura Felpin, Jérôme Niel, Denitsa or even Azuima Issa, Miss Reunion 2015 did not hesitate to roll up their sleeves, causing minor sores. On the program of their stay: repatriation of the cages for the animals of the SPA du Nord and walks for the dogs of the refuge, collection of donations for associations on the island and collection of waste.

After a collection in the Wild South, a collection operation took place in collaboration with the association PropRéunion on the coast of Sainte-Suzanne. In total, 1714kg of waste was collected on this occasion.

According to their actions, another of their missions naturally found itself on their path. Puppies were found and picked up by volunteers. They were placed in foster care before leaving in a few weeks for France. Initially, with the help of the associations Sauve ton Bourbon et Cie and ZOOM, seven stray dogs will find a home that will adopt them. To ensure they had the best chance, each dog was sponsored by an influencer.



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