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The closure of this restaurant: the reason makes Internet users “vomit”, wait to find out the reason

Social networks are the greatest sources of information that can exist! This is where we find all sorts of scandals, each as unusual as the next. This evokes a very common situation in the restaurant industry. In an emergency, all restaurants have all gone through having to make drastic decisions.

Closures post-COVID-19

All the French wanted was to go to restaurants again. However, more and more restaurants are closing their doors lately. The reasons may be different, but the main problem that restaurants faced was the period of the health crisis. The arrival of Covid-19 has wreaked human and economic havoc. During the confinements, the restaurants in France were all closed.

At the time of reopening, many conditions had to be established for a restaurant to remain open. It was obvious to see that many restaurants struggled to make ends meet to the point of closing down. Such a situation will have a huge impact in the next few days and even for a long time.

A whistleblower tweet

Spine-chilling news spread about a restaurant chain. Indeed, Internet users were talking about it a few months ago. After the lifting of the various health restrictions, many people wanted to return to the restaurants of this brand. Except that a scandal has cooled the ardor of these regulars.

According to some Internet users, this restaurant was plagued by many difficulties during the period of the health crisis. On top of that, the restaurant chain was singled out for chaotic communication. With so much awkwardness, this restaurant might stay closed for a while.

A boss who finds it hard to hire

This is a well-known problem in the restaurant world. This sign shows some difficulty in hiring staff. The employer of this restaurant has announced that he is having difficulty providing service, because no one wants to work for him despite “attractive wages on the basis of 35 hours per week”.

He then pointed out that his establishment has had difficulty stabilizing his team since 2019. The manager also complained of employees who would not respect their commitments, like those who asked for leave never to return by the following.

Faced with this announcement, Internet users were indignant at the internal policy of this establishment. Testimonies of harassment and abuse have multiplied on the web from former employees.

In a tweet dated June 10, 2022, a user even said that she could not stay very long in her post because of the attitude of her employer. It seems that the people hired were easily fired after a few days. What’s worse is that it happened before they could even sign a proper employment contract.

The hotel and catering industry will recruit Tunisian seasonal workers

The catering profession is one of the most difficult because of the schedules and requirements inherent in this profession. This explains the lack of enthusiasm that the French have for these professions. Thus, despite the efforts of employers in terms of financial incentives, they find few candidates.

This state of affairs has pushed the sector to hire seasonal North Africans for the coming summer seasons. As incredible as it may seem, there are between 200,000 and 300,000 jobs still unfilled in France. These figures come from the two unions representing the sector, the Umih and the GNI.

This is not the first time that a sector in need of labor has called on foreigners. In agriculture, this has already been done for some time. With regard to Tunisian seasonal workers, the project will begin to see the light of day in 2023. Note that this measure covers the shortfall in a marginal way to favor local job seekers.



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