The color of your cat says a lot about his personality: here are the meanings

La couleur de votre chat en dit long sur sa personnalité : voici les significations

The color of your cat says a lot about his personality: here are the meanings

In France, dogs dominateThough cats are the second most popular choice. In fact, many people sometimes prefer to have a feline as a pet, mainly because there are very affectionate breeds and it is a pet that is generally less labor intensive than a dog. But if you’re considering adopting a cat, you know Does the color of a cat affect its personality? Here’s what a study from the University of California Davis concludes.

This study concluded that monochromatic cats exhibited the calmest behavior. More specifically, the results showed that on the one hand, felines with white, ginger, black or gray tones were more affectionate. In contrast, those who had a combination of gray and white fur or paws black and white were more aggressive.

To reach these conclusions, the experience of 1,432 cat owners, who responded to an online survey, was used. However, the study was based on 1274 studies, some of which were rejected.

That’s why we also tell you what what does the color mean of a cat black, white, bicolor and tricolor.

Black Cat :

Traditionally, it has always been understood that the black color of a feline is associated with bad luck, bad luck… Nevertheless, it does not have this connotation. In fact, according to other cultures, it is the opposite: they bring good omens, they protect against evil or even, in England, they mean good luck.

White cat:

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Regarding the white cat, the meanings are related to purity, cleanliness, innocence… It is also related to luck in business, as well as nature.

Two-tone cat:

As for bi-colored cats, they are generally associated with favoring business as well as luck. If you want to attract money, two-colored felines are the most suitable.

Tricolor cat:

Tri-colored cats are synonymous with peace, kindness and harmony in the home. They are also said to signify love and passion, especially those whose three colors include a reddish color.

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