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The end of the green car insurance sticker has been announced, here’s what will change

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It is official, the car insurance sticker stuck on the windshield of cars should disappear in 2023. Also called green sticker, this insurance sticker should no longer be mandatory during the year 2023, according to the statements of the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire. The latter assured that his ministry and the Ministry of Interior were “working to remove this sticker”, during a press briefing organized after a working meeting with representatives of the insurance and mutual insurance sectors.

Already widespread in 18 countries in the EU, the dematerialization of the car insurance sticker should avoid sending 50 million administrative documents to French drivers every year. It is a consequence of the creation of a register of insured vehicles, which directly allows the police to have information about the contracts of the insured.

The French are in favor of this austerity measure

Instead of this abolition of the green sticker, the insurers are going in the direction of the French, who – according to a YouGov survey carried out for the neo-insurance Leocare in June 2021 – want 70% dematerialization. According to Christophe Dandois, co-founder of Leocare, “printing, packaging and sending the green card costs a total of €1.36”.

The disappearance of the brand is also ecological

This entrepreneur assures “that at least 60 million euros could thus be saved” every year. Leocare also estimates that 1,237 tons of CO2 are produced each year to manufacture and ship the little green sticker. The removal of the sticker could finally save €35 for motorists who forget to put it on or replace it every year, in case of an inspection.

The exact end date of the obligation to have a car insurance sticker on your windscreen is not known at the time of writing these lines.

3 questions about the end of the car sticker

When is the end of the green car insurance sticker planned?

No specific date has been given by the government for the end of the obligation to put the insurance sticker on the windscreen of every car. Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire assures, however, that this measure should enter into force during the year 2023.

Is it mandatory?

Despite the introduction in 2019 of a file of insured vehicles that the police and gendarmes can consult, yes, the car insurance sticker remains mandatory. This small green sticker, which the insurance companies send to each insured motorist, must be affixed to the windscreen of the car that is linked to the contract entered into. Failure to affix this insurance certificate or affixing an expired sticker is punishable by a fine of €35.

Why does she disappear?

The end of the obligation to the car insurance sticker on the windshield of cars is a measure of economy. It should avoid sending 50 million administrative documents. According to information from the neo-insurance Leocare, the abolition of this green sticker should save “at least 60 million euros”, since the cost of manufacturing, packaging and shipping each sticker is estimated at €1.36. Leocare also ensures that 1,237 tonnes of CO2 are produced each year to produce and send the car insurance label to policyholders.

Shortly said

Every year, 50 million documents are sent by insurance companies to send the car insurance sticker – also called green sticker – to motorists. This mandatory vignette was to disappear in 2023, as announced by Bruno Le Maire in September 2022.

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