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the gardeners in the Loire are already ready for All Saints’ Day

All Saints’ Day for gardeners lasts three weeks. “We have a big sales period over three weeks, it’s shorter than spring when it’s more like two months, but it’s an important period”, says Laurent Brosse, manager of Serres de Chevrières. He started the All Saints Day sale on Thursday 20 October with “about 2,000 pansy plants and about 200 for pom poms and chrysanthemums”.

According to him, the demand for flowers is more and more diversified for All Saints Day, chrysanthemums are not systematically requested to decorate the graves in the cemeteries. Cyclamen and heather are also making room.

Chrysanthemums have the advantage of being resistant, then “When in full bloom, the flower lasts for a month in ideal climatic conditions”.




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