The funny reaction of a senior cat discovering the new kitten in the family (video)

Luna looked in total disbelief when she encountered the newest member of the family, a kitten who, like her, has beautiful black fur. Their first meeting was filmed by their landlord and shared on TikTok, where the footage quickly went viral.

The surprising reaction of an elderly cat who found herself face to face with the kitten recently adopted by her mistress amused many netizens, reported Newsweek.

Lunablack fur pussy, shares the account with the main cast TikTok “Bino&Luna” with the family dog ​​called Bino. With the latter, a Pomeranian, the cat often competes to be the star of the household.

When she met the newcomer, her attitude was completely different. The scene was filmed by the owner, who then posted the video on the social network. Released in June 2022, it has had 9.6 million views so far.

I adopted a new kitten and here is my cat’s reaction “, we can read in the caption to the publication. We first see the kitten relaxing on the bed, then the head off Luna which appears in the background.

We feel in the cat’s behavior a mixture of curiosity and mistrust. Lowering her head, she pointed to it again to observe her young kin, who continued to amuse themselves and lick their paws nonchalantly.

Illustration of the article: The funny reaction of a senior cat discovering the new kitten in the family (video)
@bino_luna / TikTok

A surreal exchange of glances

Then their eyes suddenly met. The kitten then froze completely. For a few seconds, it was a surreal and funny face to face that took place under the eyes of their mistress, whose laughter we can hear. Luna finally decided to back off, leaving the little cat puzzled.

Here is the video:


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