A Michelin restaurant closes due to inflation

Affected by rising energy and raw material prices, chef Adrien Soro had no choice but to close his star restaurant, La Meynardie, in Paulin (Dordogne). The brand has been put into compulsory liquidation, and the young entrepreneur is left with a large debt.

Another victim of the energy crisis. Affected by rising energy and raw material prices, head chef Adrien Soro had no choice but to close his restaurant La Meynardie in Paulin (Dordogne).

The restaurant, which employed 17 staff, was full for lunch and dinner. Its revenue has been increasing in recent months. But just before the Christmas holidays, the tide turns for the chef in Périgord, who sees six years of his life crumble in a few hours. His banker decides not to follow him anymore.

“It’ll pass, don’t worry, it’ll be fine, it’ll be fine… Until the day you’ll receive an email where you had the person on the phone three hours before he told you, “Don’t worry. , it will be fine…”It’s hard, already we didn’t have the impression of being supported, if you want there, in addition to being released, we are being pulled like rabbits”, elaborated Adrien Soro on CNEWS.

200,000 euros in debt

The expenses are exploding: especially electricity, gas and raw materials for the kitchens… The young star chef can’t do it anymore, he gives up. His company has been placed under compulsory liquidation.

“The cost of energy was really what told them, ‘Okay, they’re done, it’s going to take their toll, they don’t realize it yet, but in two months it’s done”. We pay more for sugar, flour, electricity… it’s too much, it’s not possible. How do you expect anyone to take on costs that are multiplied by six?” concluded the chef.

Adrien Soro has 200,000 euros in debt, he will no longer be able to establish businesses for a long time. He now hopes to find a job as a paid chef in a large restaurant.

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