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the lawyer for the owners who makes the communes tremble at the Court

His phone keeps ringing: my legal publications have made me known, my victories in the Court relayed in the press have made me legitimate in the eyes of the general public and the legal community “. A graduate of the prestigious Master 2 in real estate law from the Faculty of Law of Assas, Xavier DEMEUZOY has since 2018 focused the expertise of his firm around a rapidly expanding field: airbnb-type furnished tourist rentals.

I started from the observation that there were thousands of furnished tourist rentals in France, a major dispute at the Court, but no lawyer able to offer a comprehensive offer that was both educational and technical. In a few months I had written about forty legal analyzes on the subject and peeled 5 years of case law. I have compiled these analyzes in a compendium made freely available to the public on my website. »

The visibility of the website is immediate: “ I received calls every day from owners who had received a letter from the City of Paris informing them that they risked a fine of 50,000 euros in court for their rentals on airbnb. It was panic for these owners who did not understand these complex regulations and I was able to provide useful support. Between July 2018 and March 2020 with the start of containment, my firm will support nearly 70 owners on these control operations. »

The lawyer regularly shares legal and judicial news on this matter on social networks and his website. Over the course of his analyses, Xavier DEMEUZOY began to make a name for himself. Today nearly 6,000 professionals follow him daily on Linkedin and the lawyer trains the lawyers of the Paris Bar each year on the legal news of this matter. The firm will be rewarded in 2020 with the silver trophy for the best real estate law firm awarded by Le Monde du droit and is included in the 2021 Décideurs Immobiliers ranking of the best lawyers in the field.

Today its network is made up of notaries, bailiffs, chartered accountants and also architects, all of whom are experts in the field of short-term rentals. Defender of more than 150 owners at the Judicial Court and the Court of Appeal of Paris, Xavier DEMEUZOY is by far the main opponent of the City of Paris and has been dubbed by his fellow lawyers who no longer hesitate to delegate him their files on this unprecedented expertise.

This litigation had been frozen for 2 years following an appeal to the Court of Justice of the European Union. Between September 2021 and February 2022, the Paris Court judged nearly 500 cases and my firm was present in nearly a third of the cases. I slept little for several months but all these cases were seriously investigated at the Tribunal. »

The work quickly paid off: Xavier DEMEUZOY will be the first lawyer to focus his defense on a legal flaw in the summonses of the City of Paris. This loophole will allow the City of Paris to be dismissed in nearly one case out of three. For the other clients exposing themselves to a fine, the work of this lawyer consists in significantly reducing the fine imposed by the Judge: “ when you divide a fine by 3 or 4, the job was done well and the customer is happy “. The firm has one of the lowest conviction rates in Paris and all of its clients are assisted on an all-inclusive basis without asking for a success fee.

The lawyer can be proud of having been the first to obtain from the Court the removal of the ceiling from the 120 days of rentals on airbnb. There were two legal exceptions for renting beyond 120 days as a main residence: medical and professional reasons. Xavier DEMEUZOY will be the first to have these two exceptions recognized by the Court of Paris by having the City of Paris dismiss his requests for convictions.

His expertise now extends beyond Paris: “ I represent without exception all owners assigned to date by the City of LYON and the people of Bordeaux and Nice are beginning to get closer to my office. The procedures and legal loopholes are identical and my expertise can therefore be reproduced throughout France. »

The Firm also has renowned expertise in co-ownership. Xavier DEMEUZOY is thus able to respond to the problems of short-term rentals encountered in buildings. The strong point of his expertise is to ensure a perpetual jurisprudential watch. ” What distinguishes one lawyer from another is his ability to integrate the position of the judges in real time to help his client win. Sometimes I communicate decisions to the Court which have been rendered by another jurisdiction at the other end of France 48 hours before. Short-term rental is a new and rapidly evolving legal matter. At the time of the digital tools made available to us, the client is entitled to expect from his lawyer this responsiveness to legal reforms and the evolution of the position of judges.. »

Tireless on his expertise, Xavier DEMEUZOY gives advice to owners who are wondering about the compliance of their rentals on airbnb: ” a lawyer is like a doctor, you have to go see him when you are in good health to listen to his advice and prevent any difficulty. My clients whom I accompany very early in their activity rarely go to Court thereafter “. The message got through!

Laurence Quentin



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