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Bad news, this sauce will disappear from your shelves this summer, a new stage in the food shortage!

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Not a single week goes by without us hearing some rather terrifying news about food in France. Indeed, while more and more French people can clearly hear about more and more shortages in their supermarket, it can be said that the subject has clearly never been so topical.

However, with more and more situations, each more complex than the other, it is very clear that this is likely to change in the days and weeks to come.

A nightmare for the French who appreciate these foods…

While more and more French people are quite worried about the coming weeks, it is clear that you are clearly going to have to take the lead if you really want to try to get out of it as you should. As much to say it right away, with the little information that you will be able to discover here, you will not be at the end of your surprises.

So to speak, there are also more and more people who can no longer make ends meet, with in particular rather crazy and sometimes unprecedented situations that we have heard about in the past. But this time, it turns out that for several weeks now, we can say that the situation is more and more catastrophic for millions of people in France. Few people could have imagined that we were going to discover such crazy information. And for good reason, it turns out that this could change everything in the days and weeks to come.

The shortage continues after mustard and sunflower oil…

While the lack of certain condiments has already had quite impressive effects in the past, the nightmare continues with a new sauce that should disappear very quickly from your shelves. Thus, we imagine very clearly that the biggest fans of cooking will be completely shocked by discovering this news not quite like the others. The least we can say is that you really won’t be at the end of your surprises, quite the contrary…

Unfortunately this is beyond our control and without this essential ingredient we cannot make any of our products – Huy Fong Foods

We can also say that the biggest cheese fans have been quite sad and disappointed lately, especially when we were able to discover with the greatest horror that certain cheeses had been able to disappear from the shelves even very recently. But this time, it turns out that it is the disappearance of a sauce that is announced, and it should make a lot more noise than we could have imagined. As much to say it right away, you are going to be rather surprised by this rather crazy and rather surprising information…

No more Sriracha sauce on the shelves!

And yes, against all odds, we were able to discover that Sriracha sauce was purely and simply going to be able to disappear from our shelves! While some might have thought that the latter was simply linked to the war in Ukraine, the situation is quite different.

Indeed, it turns out that this shortage is simply linked to a catastrophic harvest in California, Mexico and New Mexico. Much used by fans of Asian cuisine, we clearly hope that this will be able to be resolved next year…

At present, due to the weather conditions affecting the quality of chillies, we are facing a serious shortage



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