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Papeete-USA: covid tests are no longer mandatory!

Sanitary measures are being eased for the United States. Covid tests are no longer mandatory, but you must always justify a complete and up-to-date vaccination schedule.

This is good news, as the summer holidays are approaching… Since June 13, 2022, midnight, covid tests are no longer mandatory for fully vaccinated passengers traveling to the United States! What relieve many: “it’s nice not to have that stick in your nose anymore!” rejoices, for example, a traveler. The formalities are therefore simplified and the queues could decrease.

For doctors, the worst is over; this return to normal is necessary.

Please note, however:

  • vaccination is still necessary. He must always justify a complete and up-to-date vaccination schedule to fly to the United States.
  • the situation may change. The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention will reassess the situation every 90 days.

Moreover, the latest figures from the Statistics Institute of Polynesia France have registered 48,250 tourists (since January 2022), against 69,700 in 2019. Tourist attendance therefore remains lower than before the crisis but is experiencing a strong recovery. In April, 18,150 tourists came to French Polynesia, 6% less than in 2019.

Tourists from North America and mainland France, i.e. 86% of the workforce, are 20% higher compared to April 2019 and supply all types of accommodation. Secondary markets fall by 60% and restrict the overall result. With an average length of stay of 16 days compared to 14.7 days in 2019, overnight stays were 3% higher than in 2019.



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