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The lawyers of the Brest bar go on a campaign

Lawyers Jocelyn Robin, Marie-Agnès Bernard and Pierre Dugué, vice-president of the Brest bar. ©DR

“In Finistère Nord, those who defend you do not wear a cape. They are wearing a dress. This is the message sent by the lawyers of the Brest country who launched their first communication campaign at the end of January 2022. “In order to develop our image but also to attract young people for a profession which attracts 80% of women”, explain the representatives of the lawyers of the Brest bar.

Towards the general public

Why such an operation? “As advertising for our profession is now open after a long ban, we have initiated an in-depth reflection on the image of our profession, and we have decided to set up a series of communication tools in line with today’s world. – messages on social networks, poster campaign – to allow all audiences in North Finistère, individuals and professionals, to better understand the extent of our skills and the diversity of our services. It is also a question of meeting the growing needs for legal information in the territory”, they continue.

Social networks and display

The campaign is broadcast on social networks, in particular on Linkedin. “To reach as many people as possible, general public and professionals. Posters will also be visible in certain places, such as Brest Bretagne airport: there, the objective sought is tochallenge business leaders. »

The visuals were created by the Brest graphic studio Dynamo+, based at the commercial port.

The 260 general practitioner and specialist lawyers in the Pays de Brest (nearly 500 direct jobs) say they want to make the general public and professionals more aware of the versatility of their job.

“Our services and fields of intervention are increasingly broad and we want to remind the inhabitants of North Finistère that they have, in their territory, all the skills necessary to defend their rights and freedoms. »


Jocelyn Robin, lawyer and member of the Council of the Order, assures him: “If our interventions irrigate all areas of life, we are experiencing a strong increase in cases related to emerging issues (particularly in the fields of sport, the environment, new technologies, health or intellectual property). We are increasingly led to think about new processes, to find new responses, new defense strategies, like a strategist, but always with the human values ​​that drive us. »

Videos: currently on Actu

He specifies: “We must adapt in real time to ever more dense and complex legislation and, beyond defense and advice, we work in the search for amicable solutions, whatever the field, the problem, the age or quality of litigants. »


Professionals are increasingly confronted with digital field : image rights, denunciation and insults on social networks… Situations that they did not have to deal with before.

Lawyer and also member of the Council of the Order, Élisabeth Lavaud concludes:

“Humanism is at the heart of the legal profession. Our awareness-raising approach is an opportunity to remember that we all take an oath summarizing the very essence of our profession: that of performing it with dignity, conscience, independence, probity and humanity. »

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