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the ceiling soon lowered from 38 to 29 euros?

The National Commission for Restaurant Vouchers (CNTR) wants the 29-euro ceiling to be made permanent in restaurants. OceanProd / Adobe Stock

It had been doubled in June 2020, from 19 to 38 euros, to support restaurateurs affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the past two years, the spending limit for meal vouchers has been doubled, from 19 to 38 euros per day. A measure initially put in place to support restaurateurs in the face of Covid-19. As its scheduled end approaches, on June 30, its fate has not yet been decided by the government. “No decision has been made yet“, we say to Bercy. Figure on the table the track of a lowering of the ceiling to 29 euros in restaurants – while it would remain at 19 euros in supermarkets.

This was proposed by the National Commission for Restaurant Vouchers (CNTR), in a letter sent to the Ministry of Economy and Finance. A ceiling of 29 euros for the restaurateurs that it proposes to make sustainable. “Bercy tells us that the question is being considered via the DGCCRF (Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention, Editor’s note)“, tells the Figaro Romain Vidal, secretary general of the GNI Paris Île-de-France and restaurant owner representative at the CNTR.

If the Commission has had no feedback for the moment, it is hopeful that its proposal will be accepted. “All the measures we have proposed since 2020 have been retained by Bercy“, underlines the union representative. The three extensions of the support system, decided on over the last two years, were indeed favored by the CNTR.

Towards the end of weekend use

The lowering of the daily spending ceiling would have been pushed by the issuers of meal vouchers (Edenred, Sodexo, UpDéjeuner, etc.), according to Romain Vidal. “They find that the amount of 38 euros is too high compared to the amount used each day“, he explains. The CNTR, made up of representatives of issuers, restaurateurs, employers and employees, has agreed on a ceiling that is still ten euros higher than the classic ceiling (29 euros against 19 euros).

Either an amount sufficient to allow “employees to eat at the restaurant during the lunch break, and not just a croque-monsieur“, says the spokesperson for the restaurateurs. Especially since the note tends to climb now, because of inflation. “All costs increased», justifies Romain Vidal. Restaurant owners are keen on a higher ceiling, since they have seen the impact of the 38 euro ceiling on the average ticket of their customers.

From July 1, however, it should no longer be possible to use meal vouchers on weekends and public holidays. “Everyone agrees to stop this measure: it only served to deplete the stocks of meal vouchers“, emphasizes Romain Vidal. Bercy had in any case made it known in February, at the time of the last extension of the doubled ceiling, that this possibility was extended “for one last time“.

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