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The Mavs ready for a frenzy in the market to help Luka Doncic?

With Luka Doncic still dominant since the start of the season, the Mavericks know that the opportunity is strong to win a title in the coming years. A little help wouldn’t be too much though. According to the latest rumor, Dallas is keeping an eye on a large file so that the Slovenian will be better surrounded. To be continued…

With a record of 6 wins for 3 losses, the Mavericks are part of the satisfaction at this start of the season. Nothing to get carried away with of course, but with one Luka Doncic at such a level, some fans begin to dream of the continuation of this campaign. Author of 36 points, 6 assists and 6 rebounds against the Nets on Monday night, the Slovenian is on cloud nine. Something to give ideas in Texas…

Big exchange in sight in Dallas?

Christian Wood has done well off the bench, while Spencer Dinwiddie remains a valuable asset. Nevertheless, and if Dallas really dreams of winning a title, another All-Star-type reinforcement wouldn’t be too much. Unfortunately, it doesn’t run on the streets in the NBA. The Texas franchise could just take advantage of the existing crisis in Brooklyn to recruit someone.

The Dallas Mavericks are a team to watch when it comes to Ben Simmons, according to Sean Deveney.

No more information at this time, though Simmons could leave the Nets. It must be said that his contribution is very low in the Big Apple, to the point that some are already calling for his departure. The number 10 struggles to convince with a fear of attacking the circle while he has to cope with some physical errors. Enough to make him go? Nothing is impossible in the NBA…

Cuban is looking for a star for his E-Sports team

Ben towards Luka directly. A win for both teams.

Ben Simmons in Dallas? If the Aussie jumps ship from the Nets, it’s an option to watch. Another creator wouldn’t hurt the Mavericks, although Luka Doncic isn’t one to share his breath too much. One thing is certain: the Mavs must explore every option to help their superstar…



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