The Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot is back on sale. Here is the date of the sale!

 The Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot is back on sale.  Here is the date of the sale!

Monsieur Cuisine Connect is back on the French culinary scene! The Silvercrest® multifunctional robot is truly making a comeback at Lidl®, the king of household appliances at unbeatable prices. This time, this very useful tool to give you a hand in the kitchen or even cook for you (or almost) will be offered at an unbeatable price. Let’s find out the date of the next sale of the Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot now!


What is the date of the next sale of the Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot?

Monsieur Cuisine Connect, Lidl®’s multifunctional food processor, capable of kneading, whipping, steaming, chopping, weighing and emulsifying, among other things, is back at Lidl® from next Monday, June 5 for a period of 15 weeks.

As described in the Lidl® catalogue, the kitchen appliance, which has become legendary since its release, will only be available in stores. in the limit of the available storage… So if you absolutely want to renew your food processor, it is better to buy Monsieur Cuisine Connect from the first days of sale.

€50 discount on Monsieur Cuisine Connect from 5 to 11 June!

Good news never comes alone. As proof, the Lidl® Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot will soon be back in the discounter’s French stores, but it will also be offered at reduced price.

  • This unit with a 3-year warranty is actually shown at €349. But thanks to the Lidl+ loyalty program, consumers will be able to take advantage €50 discount in the first days of the sale. A godsend in this inflationary period!

The accessories for the Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot

Buying the Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot on sale couldn’t be easier. Show your Lidl® + card in store from 5 to 11 June and the cost price of the Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot with its many accessories will be €299 instead of €349.

  • Lidl® offers you a €50 discount coupon must be used once between 1 and 31 July 2023 (minimum purchase amount of €50). The opportunity to save money on your next shopping trip!

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Where can you buy the Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot?

The Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot goes on sale Monday 5 June 2023 in 500 Lidl® stores distributed throughout France. To find a supermarket near you, do not hesitate to consult this interactive map.

Cooking with the Monsieur Cuisine robot: here are the recipes!

To take advantage of the many functions of your next Lidl® robot and make delicious meals, take a look at our many 100% Monsieur Cuisine recipes;)

Photo credit: Lidl®


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