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The puppy left to fend for itself, strapped to the sofa, left as litter

© Stray Rescue of St. Louis

A poor dog was found tied to a couch that had been abandoned next to some dumpsters. It is incomprehensible that some people are so cruel to their animals, let alone such a young dog. When you no longer want a dog or any other pet, the best thing to do is leave it at a shelter so volunteers can find it a forever home where it can be loved.

But sometimes people are selfish and prefer to hurt others. Also, if the animal is tied to something, like in this case a couch, and if no one rescues it, then it has no chance of survival.

© Stray Rescue of St. Louis

It’s very sad that they left a puppy tied to a couch who still has no knowledge of life and doesn’t know how stand up for yourself to overcome the obstacles of living on the streets of a big city. Having such a young start will definitely scar the animal’s future behavior if not treated in time.

A dog was abandoned, tied to a couch.

© Stray Rescue of St. Louis

It was the animal rescue organization Stray Rescue of St. Louis who heard about this dog’s plight and decided to prepare to rescue him. The poor puppy was terrified and didn’t understand what was going on. The volunteers then proceeded with caution. They were very gentle with him. Also, they realized that it was attached to a shoelace, so they decided to call it “Shoestring”.

The dog was very lucky to be found, because if the rescue had taken too long, it would probably have been too late. Rescuers noticed that he was shaking, probably from fear, but also from the cold.

Fortunately, a woman stayed with him until rescuers arrived, who freed him. He didn’t have to lie on that couch anymore. He was immediately taken to a vet to determine his condition. Fortunately, he was quite well. But the problem was that they had to find a host family quickly, because the shelter was full.

© Stray Rescue of St. Louis

This is a very complicated situation that many shelters have to deal with. They are constantly rescuing and responding to calls from strays, meaning all facilities are quickly filled. This is why it is very important that people volunteer to provide foster homes for pets recovering from trauma or illness.

The shelter has also asked for help because it is at maximum capacity and has never been so full before. They put out an adoption appeal on social media with the story of this dog who was found tied to a couch with a blonde. Once he has been placed in foster care and has recovered, he will be offered for adoption to find a forever home.



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