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The Swiss ready to resume cultural excursions


CoronavirusThe Swiss ready to resume cultural excursions

A survey shows that two thirds of the Swiss are ready to resume cultural excursions “without reservation”. A third are still somewhat reluctant due to the coronavirus.

The opening of MUDAC and the Musée de l’Élysée on Platform 10 (illustrative image).

20 minutes/Vanessa Lam

For a large part of the population, cultural activities are “an important component of life in society”. And “two-thirds of the Swiss population say they are ready to resume without reservation” cultural excursions. This is revealed on Monday by a study carried out between September and October 2022 on behalf of the Federal Office of Culture (OFC) and the General Secretariat of the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Directors of Education (SG CDIP).

This desire to resume cultural excursions has “increased significantly since the third survey conducted in June 2021. While only 30% of respondents at that time said they were ready to visit institutions and participate in cultural events again. “Without much fear”, this proportion had doubled by autumn 2022″, the study reveals. It should be noted that a third of the population still has reservations despite this.

The impact of the coronavirus

Almost half of the respondents “say that they have become accustomed to staying at home and visit cultural institutions less often today than before the Covid crisis”, notes OFC further. The same people also “believe that the end is not yet finished”.

Finally, the survey reveals that the coronavirus pandemic still has an impact on amateur culture: 18% of respondents who engaged in an amateur cultural activity indicate has left her since the crisis. “This figure is worrying because amateur culture contributes significantly to social cohesion,” laments the OFC, which recalls that it “constitutes an important basis for professional practice”.

Attraction of digital offers, but…

If digital offers record an increasingly important place, “they can only complement analogous cultural activities, but not replace them,” OFC explains. The survey shows that “69% of respondents still believe that cultural events in the presence of the public are essential”.




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