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the terrible nightmare of Carrefour stores concerning these chocolate bars

Not a day goes by without a product recall. This time, it’s Carrefour’s turn to have a little problem. The brand has alerted consumers to the consumption of chocolate bars. The packaging of the product in question does not mention all allergenic substances, which may endanger some people. Explanations.

A labeling problem for Carrefour

The days follow each other and resemble each other. Indeed, for several months, product recalls follow one another. Today, it is Carrefour’s turn to be in turmoil. Why ? Well, simply because the brand has decided to issue a recall on one of its products. It is a dark chocolate bar with 72% cocoa from the Carrefour Sélection brand. It has the code: GTIN 3560070720859 with a date of minimum durability established at 02/28/2023.

This dark chocolate was marketed from 02/15/2022 to 06/02/2022, according to the Rappel Conso site. But why this reminder? Well it’s very simple. Due to a labeling defect. Indeed, according to the government site, it does not mention the presence of allergens, which can cause serious allergies in some consumers. Moreover, the product presented on the packaging does not correspond to the reference contained inside: a bar of dark chocolate mango Sichuan pepper.

Risks of allergies

According to the Rappel Conso website, Carrefour’s 72% cocoa dark chocolate may contain gluten allergens. We think in particular of wheat, barley or even milk. These ingredients, not declared on the packaging, can endanger people allergic to these allergens. As a reminder, in case of allergy to a food, the immune system reacts by inflammatory manifestations of sudden onset. At any age, food allergy can cause respiratory, skin or digestive symptoms.

Anaphylactic shock can also occur. This can cause the death of some people. The brand therefore invites customers who have purchased this product not to consume it. It is also possible to obtain a refund. For all information, contact Carrefour consumer service on crystal number 0 805 900 021 (non-surcharged call), Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

RappelConso, the site that lists all product recalls

If you have any doubts about certain products, the Objeko editorial team advises you to visit the site rappel.conso.gouv.fr. As a reminder, this website has existed since 2021. And on it, you will be able to find all the information on the recalled products: photo, batch number, points of sale… Over the past year, more than 5,000 products have been the subject of a report. So, do not hesitate to go there. As the saying goes: prevention is better than cure. Otherwise, you can also read our site, we try as much as possible to list all product recalls. But obviously, we are less efficient than the government.



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