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these products are urgently recalled by the Lidl brand, they are chocolate biscuits

Definitely, the recall arrives when you least expect it. If you purchased or consumed these cookies from lidlmanifest yourself !

The recall produces too much?

The advertisements of lidl follow each other and are not alike. Recently, the sign has chosen to pay tribute to its employees. Without them, nothing would be possible. Shelving, management of customers as well as stocks, the work is not lacking. However, it would seem that the slogan which won the most support was the one whichObjeko selected to begin his article. It must be said that the idea is genius. Tackling the competition while promoting its products. This sarcastic call-to-order strategy necessarily scores points in the consumer’s mind.

Every week, the king of discount places at our disposal a paper catalog or one available on its official website. By browsing it, you get one or more good plans for food, clothing, household appliances or decoration. In recent months, saving money has been almost mission impossible. With the main objective of increasing our purchasing power, Lidl makes sure to always put the small dishes in the fat, Alas, a recall will come to tarnish the reputation of the German giant. What happened to make it all go wrong? We tell you the ins and outs of this dark affair. It’s obvious, nothing will ever be the same again at lidl !

What products are affected by this recall?

(c) Lidl

Between the pizza Buitoni and the favorite sweets of young and old Kinder, the Rappel Conso site is running at full speed right now. Every day, a disaster comes to sow panic on the Web. Most of the time, the reminder of the day concerns a bacterium. Capable of triggering intestinal disasters, the factory that manufactures them is often questioned by the government. In effect, lidl and his buddies are just dealers. He therefore has no right to inspect the ingredients present inside the incriminated product.

(c) Lidl

Today, a priori simple organic chocolate biscuits are on the front of the stage. As for the brand sondey, there is no possible doubt. After investigation, it is only found in the store with the blue and yellow logo. Ouch, no question of bragging about having clean spokes. It is obvious, this time, he will have to imperatively keep a low profile! According to the information indicated by Rappel Conso, we learn that the packages concerned by this recall bear the mention L2022105 and L1200147. If you can’t find them on the packaging, there are two different expiry dates. A priori, you have until the end of April or the end of May… 2023! Objeko therefore has a little time before detecting it and then bringing it back directly to the store. Sold in the first week of June 2022, they have the same barcode 20928827.

Here are the tips from Lidl

(c) Lidl

Contrary to what we can see here, the ingredients of the products mentioned by this recall are not in French. Therefore, how to know if there is gluten or even things likely to create allergies. So Objeko has a special thought for those who are peanut or lactose intolerant. Finally, a few weeks ago, sesame seeds sparked a huge controversy. Absorbed in too large quantities, they could have caused a tsunami within public opinion. Race results, organic brands such as Gerble play the card of caution. They do not hesitate and ask the supermarkets to send them the emergency order. Behind the scenes, they will work on their recipe so that this type of misadventure does not happen again.

(c) Lidl

If you ever have one of these two packages in your possession, you are asked to investigate your surroundings. Do you have people who are likely to be sick? On our side, o can only encourage you to bring it back to the store. Directly reimbursed by lidl, you have nothing to worry about except finding another article. If you want to learn more about this recall, we invite you to contact the specialists on 08 00 90 03 43. You have until the start of the school year to decide. Anyway, in this kind of case which can possibly lead to yet another health scandal, it is you who have the last word! Finally, to find out more about other dangerous products, the site Drink reminder is undoubtedly the most serious on the web!



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