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Castres: after 5 and a half years in kennels, “Looping” has finally been adopted

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Found in Dourgne on October 4, 2016, a dog spent more than 5 and a half years at the Castres kennel. While the employees despaired for him, he finally found a family.

“Looping”, a Spaniel and Border Collie cross was found abandoned in the town of Dourgne on October 4, 2016, when he was just a puppy. “He was a little fearful of people, he backed away from them in his cage and turned around a lot,” says Hervé, one of the employees of the municipal kennel. “But when he knew, he was very friendly and always a little crazy. He had no problem with his neighbors in the cage,” adds Hervé, who had managed to forge real bonds with the animal. When he opened his cage to clean it or to feed it, no leash needed, “Looping” knew what he had to do, “he went straight to one of the relaxation yards and he patiently waited for I’m done,” says the employee.

Unfortunately, the little dog did not attract adopters… “Some people may have been interested, but when they saw him running in circles in his cage, he did not follow up. But it was his way of being, his way of attracting attention, but once the visitors left, he became very calm again”, specifies Hervé. Fortunately, a few days ago, the good behavior of “Looping”, now 6 and a half years old, paid off. An elderly couple, who live in Mascarville in Haute-Garonne, came to visit the kennel and noticed it right away. And when they found out that the animal had been there for 5 and a half years, they wanted to give it a chance and adopt it. “We lost two dogs last year so I was hesitant to take one back, but I needed to fill the void… In any case, if I took a dog back, I wanted one of a certain age “, explains Michel De Combiaire, the new owner of “Looping” which he renamed “Tuc” in homage to one of his deceased dogs.

“We are really very happy for him”

“They took him on a trial basis and after a few difficulties, they managed to get him to accept them despite everything,” explains Hervé. “Yes it was complicated because Looping was really very fearful… Even when he heard people talking on the television, he was in a panic! But it’s better, he even begins to be affectionate with my wife and me. He is becoming very sociable,” says his new owner.

Today, “Looping” has a whole hectare of garden to frolic in and let off steam and he even sleeps at the foot of his masters’ bed! “We are really very happy for him,” says Hervé, who couldn’t hold back his tears when his little protege finally left the kennel with his new family heading to Mascarville.



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