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United States: the complaint for rape against Cristiano Ronaldo dismissed

Kathryn Mayorga, a 37-year-old former American model, accused Cristiano Ronaldo of raping her in 2009 in a Las Vegas hotel. His civil complaint for rape against the Portuguese star was dismissed by an American judge, according to the court decision consulted this Saturday.

This decision was taken because of irregularities alleged against the plaintiff’s lawyer. American justice had decided in 2019 not to prosecute Cristiano Ronaldo in criminal proceedings, for lack of evidence.

The court recognized the “severity” of its decision for the complainant

In civil matters, a judge had recommended last October to close Kathryn Mayorga’s complaint, judging that it was based in part on pirated documents from “Football leaks” which should not have fallen into her hands. He also accused his lawyer of having acted with “bad faith” in this case.

The federal court followed these recommendations for identical reasons, while claiming to “recognize” the “severity” of its decision for the complainant. For his part, the player has always firmly denied these accusations of rape, claiming to have had a “completely consented” relationship with her.

It was in June 2009 that the complainant first called the Las Vegas police while refusing to name her attacker. A “private mediation” was organized shortly after with representatives of the player, resulting the following year in a payment of 375,000 dollars in exchange for absolute confidentiality on the alleged facts or the agreement, as well as the abandonment of any procedure.

The lawyers were asking for up to $200 million in damages

But in August 2018, the complainant – whose lawyers were claiming up to $ 200 million in compensation – contacted the police again and asked for her case to be reopened, publicly accusing Cristiano Ronaldo for the first time.

The player was currently in selection with Portugal, as part of the League of Nations. He had participated in the last three games against Spain (1-1), Switzerland (4-0) signing a double, then the Czech Republic (2-0).

This Saturday, and while his team occupies first place in his group, his coach Fernando Santos announced the absence of his striker, this Sunday, for the trip to Switzerland as part of the 4th day of the competition. “It’s not about physical problems, it’s a question of management,” he said at the press conference.



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