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This 14-year-old teenager ignites the networks with his impressive acrobatic dives

Zeke Sanchez is only 14 years old but is already a social media celebrity. This American teenager distinguished himself by filming himself performing acrobatic dives in his Arizona swimming club. Videos of his spectacular performances, such as those made during his regional championship, culminate for some in several million views, reports The Guardian relayed by the Huffington Post.

He started at age eight

In addition to impressing his viewers, the teenager’s videos also help to deconstruct prejudices. On social networks, many Internet users have had inappropriate remarks about Zeke Sanchez regarding his physique, perceived as “atypical” for an athlete. But these comments seem to have become an additional motivation for the young American. “I think anyone can do anything if you devote yourself fully to it,” he assured in the columns of the Guardian.

Zeke Sanchez has been a regular acrobatic diver for five years now. He had been introduced to this discipline at the age of 8 during a two-week course devoted to the discovery of various aquatic sports. Taken with a passion for diving, the teenager trains today continuously in order to reach the highest level, according to his parents. His short-term goal would be to be able to qualify for the national championship. But he hopes one day to be able to defend the colors of the United States during the Olympic Games.



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