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This Japanese fried rice omelette is driving TikTok counters crazy

FOOD – You thought you knew Japanese cuisine like the back of your hand, it still has surprises in store for you! On TikTok, Japanese omelet videos accumulate millions of views. With its melting and smoking heart, theomurice will make your mouth water.

Contraction of the words omelette (omelet) and rice (rice) in English, this dish is very common in Japan, especially among children. Also well inserted in popular culture, it is possible to see it on the table of the most famous manga characters.

Also called omuraisu in Japanese, the fried rice omelet is a dish from the so-called cuisine Yoshuko which refers to dishes of Western origin and adapted to Japanese culture. Or a whole set of family and popular recipes that differ from typical Japanese cuisine.

A multitude of possibilities

Easy to make, theomurice requires very few ingredients, as you can see in our video above: white rice, tomato sauce, egg yolks, onions and butter. In addition, there are a multitude of possibilities depending on your desires and the ingredients you have in your fridge.

The most common version is the one where the omelet covers a portion of sautéed rice with tomato sauce accompanied by chicken, but the rice can also very well be put inside the omelette which will act as a pancake. L’omurice even comes in a chocolate version that can be used as a dessert.

This iconic dish in Japan is now seeking a new audience outside of these national borders. Many Japanese restaurants in Europe, the United States or Australia now offer this dish on their menu to the delight of Japanese cuisine lovers.

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