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This project is looking for 60 participants ready to commit to the future of the territory of Grasse

To act. Right now, here and together. This is the credo of the Régén’ère project, led by the Club des Entrepreneurs du Pays de Grasse, with the Lumia Center and the company Change It Use It, both based in Mouans-Sartoux (1).

“Global scientific analysis says we have crossed six of the nine planetary boundaries (2), states Sylvie Sempels, the club’s director. There is a need for a new ecological path for development. In the long term, find ways, in addition to reducing the activity’s negative impact on nature, to create a positive impact.

This is where the regenerative economy comes into play. For many people it is always easier to find solutions.

Therefore, Régén’ère is looking for sixty participants to embark on the adventure, which begins on January 12 during a video seminar. [lire plus loin].

All invited

And all energies are welcome. “Members of communities, companies, associations or committed citizens… list Sylvie Sempels. People with action handles, sensitive to environmental and social issues, who want to act for the territory. Transversality is essential, as is the contribution of the largest number of actors.”

An area that includes all the municipalities in the Cap Azur metropolitan area (3), “which goes from the mountains to the sea and widens the field of action.”

And that extends to many areas. “We can talk about regenerative tourism: how do you ensure that the ecosystem performs better after the peaks of attendance than before? How do you manage this common good, which is water? How do you work for the conservation of Posidonia? mention Sylvie Sempels, as examples. We must find means of action in short circuit, virtuous at the local level. And part of the solutions must come from the territories.’

Adapt to nature and not the other way around

Then, gathered for more than six months, the actors will discuss and work on the issue through four training and screening workshops. [lire plus loin].

“A diagnosis will be made in parallel: where are we? How do we build on our strengths, such as this great biodiversity that needs to be conserved.”

Anticipate a long-term development, adapt our activity to nature and not the other way around. Also identify and resolve weak points (especially water and soil sealing).

“All this is the first phaseconcludes the director of the Entrepreneurs’ Club. The restitution of the work will take place in September or October in order to eventually present solutions to be implemented.”

With strict optimism: “There are a great many companies in the area that have the will to do so. The elected officials also realize that there is a need to act radically and committedly.”

1. Project supported by Ademe (the Danish Agency for Environment and Energy Management), the department as part of the Green Deal and Vivant’s scholarship fund. Eight sponsors (the companies BLH and Savimex have already shown their support) are also sought.

2. Climate change, erosion of biodiversity, disruption of the nitrogen and phosphorus cycle, changes in land use, introduction of new substances and use of fresh water. The three limits that have not yet been exceeded: the acidification of the oceans, the depletion of the ozone layer and the increase in aerosols in the atmosphere.

3. Consists of the urban communities of Pays de Grasse, Cannes Lérins, Sophia Antipolis and Alpes d’Azur.




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