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This puppy called Benji has been returned to his shelter 11 times, the staff finally understands! – Tuxedo board

Benji, a young puppy who has tried 12 different homes, has finally found his final family. Why didn’t the others want more?

He was a little puppy who seemed to have it all. And yet every family that adopted Benji decided to bring him back a few days later. But what was wrong with this animal? We tell you everything.

The story of Benji and his 12 different homes

In France, to adopt a dog, you can get closer to the SPA shelters. The humane society then ensures that you are able to care for your pet. And he wants to feel good and safe with you.

Every year, SPA collects more than 40,000 animals in need. Among them there are many abandoned, lost or mistreated dogs. They are then taken care of in the shelters that take care of them until we find a new home for the animals.

Recently, the Pausette site shared the story of a young puppy named Benji. The latter had everything to please. Visitors to the shelter always fell for his adorable face and chose him to come home with them.

But every time the shelter thought it had found the right family for Benji, they would bring the puppy back sometime after taking him home. The first few times the shelter thought the family just wasn’t ready to take care of it from afar. Or maybe she just underestimated the strain what it was like to take care of a puppy.

But at the end of the 11ᵉ return, the refuge still began to ask questions. Why would no one keep Benji? What did the young puppy do pressured them to bring him back every time?

The puppy who didn’t like cats

After Benji’s 11th return to the shelter, a staff member, Stacy, decided to take him home. So she could understand why the puppy was returned to the shelter after each adoption.

After completing the adoption formalities, the young pup was ready to go with Stacy. For the 12th time we take him out of his cage, he is finally ready to join his new family. A situation he has experienced so many times the puppy no longer responds when it is adopted.

Barely arrived at his new home, Benji was behaving strangely. Stacy and her parents had sensed that he was not happy to be there.

But the small family did everything to ensure that the puppy was well. After a while he started to show that he liked them too. Until the day Stacy wakes up to little Benji’s disappearance! But where could he have disappeared to?

In a panic, Stacy decides to put up posters to find him. Two days later, when the young woman was about to notify the shelter, she received a phone call: someone found Benji!

After an hour’s drive, she finds the person who called her, and the puppy too, in a cage. The man explains that the young puppy attacked his cat and that all this could have ended badly for the cat if he had not intervened.

Now everything is explained! Benji actually had a very aggressive behavior with other animals. Something that the other families would like to hide to prevent the animal is considered dangerous and therefore euthanized. Finally, the shelter was able to take Benji in and teach him how to behave with other animals.



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