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This restaurant is closing its doors for a reason that makes Internet users “vomit”, it may be near you!

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Not a day goes by that we don’t hear about a scandal as crazy as the one we discovered a short time ago. Indeed, as you can imagine, it is clear that restaurants that can sometimes have trouble getting out of it are sometimes forced to make decisions, each more radical than the next. With more and more French people who want to go to restaurants, it is clear that this is likely to change everything in the days and the next few weeks to come.

A scandal that occurs on social networks…

And yet it turns out that the very latest information that we have been able to discover about this great chain of restaurants is really chilling. It has been several months since millions of French people had clearly wanted to return to restaurants, especially since we learned of a very big scandal with the health crisis linked to the coronavirus, and the lack of restaurants open for several month. But this time, it turns out that the story does not end there, and we could see it once again on social networks.

Indeed, as you can imagine, this is not the first time that we can clearly hear a restaurant being damaged because of a rather crazy and rather catastrophic communication. As you will see, it is clear that this chain of restaurants could be impacted in a much greater way than we could have imagined.

A direct questioning of the staff by the management!

We can clearly say that the latest news about this famous restaurant is likely to be talked about for a very long time. Although the decision that seems to have been taken sends shivers down our spine, we suspect that it does not directly concern all the restaurants in the chain. Of course, as you will see, it turns out that this could clearly have had an impact on the restaurant’s fairly large turnover, and this could clearly have a negative impact.

As much to say it right away, we already know that hundreds of customers will even be quite disappointed to see that this will unfortunately be able to impact their weekend, because this restaurant may have decided to close its doors on Sunday for a reason. which could be invoked and which sends shivers down the spine in the world of being restoration. While this restaurant planned to open every day of the week, unfortunately it could be decided that the restaurant was going to close on Sunday due to the staff not wishing to work.

Very bad communication on social networks!

We can clearly say that the atmosphere in this restaurant is clearly not going to please everyone. Indeed, it is very clear that between sick leave and all the other provisions, it is clear that this restaurant could well close if the situation continues in this way, to say the least!



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