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“Attention new obligation for commercial real estate agents”, Me Caroline Dubuis Talayrach, lawyer

Since the reform of the status of self-employed workers came into force on May 15, 2022, commercial real estate agents must affix new information to all their official documents, including mandates. The point with Caroline Dubuis Talayrach, lawyer.

Since May 15, 2022, commercial real estate agents, regardless of their tax regime, must include on invoices, commercial documents, contracts (including mandates), advertisements and correspondence their name preceded or followed by the mention “EI”. or “Individual Entrepreneur”. Ditto for the wording of the professional bank account.

It follows from the combination of articles 92 of the Hoguet decree and article R 123-237 of the commercial code that the absence of this new mention on the mandates could be a cause of nullity.

This obligation results from the creation of the new status of the individual entrepreneur which now includes the automatic division of his assets between private property and professional property. Thus the scope of this new regulation concerns all individual entrepreneurs whose commercial real estate agents, who remember, can only exercise on an individual basis.


Law 2022-172 of February 14, 2022

R 123-237, R 134-12, R 526-27 of the commercial code

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Caroline Dubuis Talayrach

Caroline Dubuis Talayrach
After more than 20 years of practice in a law firm and as Legal and Methods Director of a national franchise brand in real estate agencies, Maître Caroline Dubuis-Talayrach opened her own firm of:
– Agent in the sale of real estate agencies, property management firms and trustee
– Business law: Advice and drafting of deeds in the creation and transfer of companies, contract law, commercial agent law, company law, franchise law, commercial leases
– Law of the real estate agent: Advice and drafting of deeds of purchase/sale of practices, professional training, professional practice, fees, creation of business know-how

His philosophy: Advise – Negotiate – Train – Defend
Based in Aix en Provence, I operate throughout France.



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