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This retiree asks for help after spending all her savings to save her recently adopted dog from a shelter

The story of Tide is heartbreaking. This 6-year-old dog was saved by the association SPCA ofScotland acts of mistreatment by its former owner.

Despite everything, the Labrador Retriever cross remained very affectionate, and after a stay in kennels, he was finally adopted last July by Margaret Haggertya 79-year-old retiree.

“My mum found him on the SSPCA website and thought he looked like her dead dog, so she fell in love with him straight away”told Victoria Broughthe daughter of the septuagenarian, to Glasgow Times.

The duo instantly developed a great bond, but only a month after arriving in their new home, Tide began to show worrying signs.

“We noticed something was wrong and then he had a severe bout of nausea and diarrhea. He also lost his appetite and his energy until he collapsed. It was really sad to see”clarified Victoria.

Margaret Haggerty/Glasgow Times

A life-threatening prognosis

The veterinarian diagnosed Tide the disease ofaddison (or hypoadrenocorticism). The latter results in insufficient secretion of corticosteroids by the adrenal glands.

The body of the canine is then harmed, which can lead to death. Tide therefore received shock treatment, but will also have to take medication for life.

Margaret spent all her savings to save the life of her faithful companion and found herself in difficulty to pay for the rest of the protocol.

“It stresses her out, she is very upset about it all. She really wants to give Tide a dream existence.”lamented Victoria worried about her mother.

The young woman explained that Margaret will be able to devote 115 euros per month of his retirement pension to pay for the medication of Tide. However, this will not be enough.

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To complete, she has therefore set up a GoFundMe kitty. The objective was to reach 2,300 euros in donations.

Fortunately, this sum has already been collected thanks to Internet users affected by their story.

Tide should therefore be able to benefit from the care he so badly needs to fully enjoy his new life with his caring mistress.




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