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This zodiac sign is the best cat owner according to astrologers

This zodiac sign is the best cat owner according to astrologers

It’s not for nothing that one of the most popular icebreaker questions is “Are you a cat person or a dog person?” Stereotypes hold that cat owners are introverted, quiet and value their personal space, while dog owners are outgoing, extroverted and prefer to explore the world with other people.

It turns out that astrology can predict some of these characteristics. But can she figure out who the most suitable pet owners are? Astrologers answer in the affirmative. Read on for an expert panel’s take on which zodiac members make the best cat owners, whether they’re laid-back cat parents or people who dedicate every minute to their cat.

6 – The scale

Libras value sophistication and outward appearance, and cats can offer them all that.

The meticulously clean, elegant and graceful nature of cats makes them the perfect companion for the refined and fashionable Libra.“, explains Masha Loddy, owner of the tarot, astrology and spirituality blog Pish Witch. ” These air signs will sincerely appreciate the aesthetic appeal of a silky smooth Russian Blue or the dignified, glamorous qualities of the Maine Coone. »

Because Libras like to be surrounded by beautiful things that are made to last, their cats will want beds, collars, scratching posts and other cat accessories of the highest quality.

5 – Cancer

Cancer is represented by the crab and is the home of the zodiac. And what better person than a born nanny to give a cat constant love and affection?

Cancer patients want nothing more than to spoil the people and animals they love.“, explains Masha Loddy. ” Caring for a precious kitten allows Cancer to bestow the motherly love and attention that makes them warm and fuzzy. »

Don’t be surprised if a Cancer cat owner tells you that they bake homemade treats for their pets or that they have to leave a social event early to play with their furry friend.

4 – Capricorn

According to Maria Hayes, astrologer and tarologist at Trusted Astrology, each animal has its own ruling planet. For cats, this planet is Saturn, the same one that rules Capricorn. So these two understand each other on a deep level.

Like Capricorn, cats reward their masters when they recognize boundaries; they don’t give their affection easily and you have to prove yourself worthy before they caress you“, Hayes said.” Capricorns are also good cat owners as they don’t get angry even if their furry friends wake them up at night. »

This sign is extraordinarily tolerant and never tires of giving their pets treats and playtime.

3 – Leo

Leo is represented by Leo, so it’s no surprise that he’s in the top 3 cat owners.

Cats are subtle, hard to read and very comfortable on their own. Cat owners have this trait that doesn’t really sit well with dog owners who are used to being greeted enthusiastically and licked all the time.“, explains Hayes. ” Likewise, Leos would not embarrass themselves with a puppy nature.“.

Another reason Leos make great cat owners is aesthetics. ” Nothing makes them happier than sharing a selfie with their cute petsHayes adds.

2 – Scorpio

There are no two creatures more alike in nature than a scorpion and a cat.
Cats and Scorpios both crave solitude and independence on an intense level, and if you cross this space without permission, watch your claws.”, explains Bre the Maleficent, astrologer, psychic medium and tarot reader. ” A cat approaching you to be petted is like a scorpion sharing a personal fact about itself; will you shower it with adoration or will you make a mistake and watch the cat and the scorpion slip away completely?“.

As any cat owner will tell you, you only have about a 50% chance of making the right choice.

1 – Taurus

The best star cat owner is Taurus.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by the planet of love and pleasure, Venus, which means they have a deep need to be comfortable at all times and will spend time, energy and resources making sure his home matches that energy“, explains Bre.

Another reason Taurus make good cat owners is that they are very routine oriented. Cats can count on their Taurus masters to feed them, play with them, and pet them every day at the same time, without fail. In addition, their cats will get all the hugs and love they allow.

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