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Touching moment cat rescued from Hurricane Ian meets adoptive parents (video)

Bambi had survived Hurricane Ian, but was not saved as he ended up in a crisis center where he practiced euthanasia. Fortunately, a woman moved by his story decided to make him the newest member of her family.

The passage of the hurricane Ian in the southeastern United States has caused many associations and volunteers to mobilize to save as many animals as possible. Babya tabby cat, is one of the survivors who have benefited from the various measures organized in the 4 corners of the country.

She is one of the stars of the account @luna.moonie.bambi on TikTok, a trio consisting of 2 cats and a dog, whose adventures are followed by almost 2,700 subscribers. One of the videos that can be found there shows the meeting between this cat and its new owner. Forwarded by Animal friendlyit is particularly moving.

At the same time as we see the pictures of these magical moments, we learn that the adopter of Baby had gone into refuge for Naplesin Florida, shortly after the passage of the hurricane, and that the reception structure in question practices euthanasia.

The sequence shows the first exchange of glances between the cat and her new friend through the window in the door of the shelter. Then comes the first contact and the caresses. The new life Baby could start.


i love you my bambi girl???? #catsoftikt #bambi #adopt #sheltercat

? slipping through my fingers – Jen

“All She Wants Is Love”

The animal had already lived in a shelter twice before being adopted. As if afraid of another disappointment, she snuggled up to her owner all the way home.

A home where a comfortable corner, toys and quality food awaited him, but also his colleague Ragdoll called Mooniea Labrador Retriever / Australian Shepherd cross by name Lunaas well as Sakia ferret.

All she wants is love. She wants it now and forever in our house. “, concludes the caption accompanying the video.

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Illustration of the article: The moving moment when a cat rescued from Hurricane Ian meets its adopter (video)
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