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Unchipped cats and dogs: what are the owners at risk?

As so often, the cattery of the SPA refuge in Thionville (Moselle) is full. Nearly 800 cats are taken in here each year. But the biggest concern is not to find a place for these lost or abandoned animals, but to identify them. “We have about 95% of all who are not identified at the moment, who do not have chips, who do not have tattoos. However, it has been a legal obligation for several years and I think people don’t know that”says Jennifer Mégna, head of the shelter.

Thanks to the chip, a number allows immediate consultation of a national identification file. “We will have the animal’s information, so the cat called Boulou, who was born in 2019. It is thanks to this file that we can find the animal owners”continues Jennifer, in the report of the 13H of TF1 at the head of this article.




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