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Wow. My life as a dog (in Strasbourg)

Apparently we lead a dog’s life in Strasbourg. This is what the magazine 30 Millions d’Amis says. My teacher—I call him Papa—read that to me the other day. We would be in 34th place among cities where it is good to live with your dog. This sucks for such a big (and beautiful) city (and beautiful, did I say that before?). Dad sighed: “That’s true, that’s not enough! Well, I don’t know any more, usually magazines are more for doing my business on them.

Let me introduce myself: my name is Woofi, I don’t look good but I’m pretty smart (and cute). Already I can speak and even tell you about my life. Well, not all dogs can.

This morning I’m pretty happy. In any case, my tail swings from left to right. Wow wow. I heard the small click of the doorknob of my house. We’re going out, we’re going for a walk! I want so much more! Dad wanted to take me to the park where there are lots of other friends. It’s called the Orangery. I don’t understand why it’s called like that, I’ve never seen an orange there.

“Dogs not allowed on board, please get off”

But we live far from the Orangerie. Sometimes I see a kind of train going through the streets. But I’m not allowed to go inside. It’s forbidden. Even the only time we did it with dad, the driver said into the microphone: “No dogs on board, please get off. » Grrrr… Since then, we don’t go there anymore. We take the car to go to the Orangerie. The car is cool, but it pollutes. Anyway, it’s not me who says it, I hear it on the TV at night. Either way, we have no choice. Apparently that’s also why Strasbourg isn’t very dog ​​friendly.

But that’s it, we’ve arrived at the Orangerie! I can already see the big bushes, the lawn, the little paths to clear through the trees. And then there’s the frolic area: it’s impossible to cut it. There are only a dozen in Strasbourg. That’s not bad. I also know that of Quai Mathiss on the banks of the Ill. The other areas are on the side of the main roads, it makes noise and it doesn’t smell good, I don’t really like it. But I prefer that to canisites. It’s still very dirty these things. It doesn’t make me want to go there.

No poop bags

Canisites are tiny enclosures for peeing. You must have already seen them, there are 139 in Strasbourg. Besides dad always groans because there are no bags to pick up my droppings. He takes his own, but if he forgets… I’ve seen him take a handkerchief before to do that. yuck. Luckily I don’t have to do it myself, hehe…

The other thing I don’t like in the Parc de l’Orangerie, in the little playground for me and my friends, is that in the evening it’s dark and then there are only pebbles on the ground. It’s not terrible the small pebbles for my pads. Well, I’m not complaining too much, there’s worse. I want to pee somewhere but I can’t. What a dog’s life.

Sometimes dad groans because the rats would be less bored than us dogs in Strasbourg. I think he’s exaggerating though. Well, I don’t have my wow to say, but still.



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