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Unemployment insurance: a “double standard (…) unacceptable” for CFDT – 11/10/2022 at 17:56

The compromise between deputies and senators on unemployment insurance leads to a “double standard (…) unacceptable”, criticized the CFDT on Thursday, criticizing in particular the possibility of depriving benefits CDDs or temporary workers who refuse twice a CDI for the same position.

“The CFDT notes that the compromise reached introduces, in a completely unbalanced way, provisions to the detriment of workers and their rights,” writes the first French trade union in a press release.

In it seeks, the establishment of a “presumption of resignation for employees who give up their position, which excludes them from unemployment insurance rights”.

But also “the abolition of unemployment insurance rights for employees who twice refuse a CDI at the end of a CDD or a temporary contract on the same position” – a measure carried out by the senators LR.

“Where employers have a wide range of employment contracts at their disposal – and the CFDT regularly condemns the abuse of fixed-term contracts that are repeatedly offered – employees are not entitled to any consideration of their situation. personal”, laments the reformist trade union.

“This double standard is unacceptable for CFDT. While the current labor market establishes a new balance of power in favor of certain employees, CFDT expects employers to work on the quality of job offers instead of imposing often unsafe, unfair and inappropriate solutions on workers”, he concludes.

The text must now be approved by both chambers. The government had expressed its reluctance to the LR senators’ measure, with Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt considering “that an employee who has gone to the end of the contractual obligation he has signed should not be punished”.




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