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United States: French-style pastries and coffee in Washington




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T.Donzel, G.Gillet, K.Sullivan, L.De la Mornais – France 2

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To Washington, the United Statesthe 13 hours introduces you to an atypical French café right in the heart of the American capital.

It’s a little corner of France landlocked between the White House and American buildings: a café opened by French. On the menu, hot chocolates and coffees, but not only since pastries are also sold in the trade created by Aude and François. With Le Merveilleux as a speciality, the cake showcase then filled up to become really substantial. “We make 400 cakes a day”says Francois. To make them, the pastry chef buys his products directly in France.

If some FFrench come together in this place, the Americans are not in rest and love them toodiscover French specialties while drinking their coffee. For Aude and François, it sometimes takes some getting used to, because certain coffee names are not the same in the United States and in France. “He is wonderful, they are wonderful”, as this resident of Washington, many people have their habits in this very special place.



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