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Usbek & Rica – In the United States, hotels are hiring robots to fill the shortage of staff

A few lines further down, the general manager of the hotel, Vaughn Davis, assumes that he has begun to build ” an operating model based on greater reliance on technology as early as 2017. But it is indeed the labor shortage in the travel industry – persistent since the spring of 2020 in the United States as in much of the Western world – which, he says, has constituted , “ a convenient time to go to the next step. That of hiring robots ” full time », solution proposed by the company Relay Robotics. ” There was not much human capital available during the pandemic “explains the interested party. ” So for me, robots were a way to fill this lack of talent available on the job market. “And to specify: if his hotel counts today” half as much ” of human staff than before the pandemic, ” robots are considered here as full members of our team “.

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For Anthony Melchiorri, presenter of the television show Hotel Impossible and connoisseur of the sector, the crisis in the hotel industry has completely transformed the attitudes of the general public and business leaders with regard to robots. In a context where the national employment rate in the leisure and hospitality sector is still down 8.5%, or 1.4 million jobs, compared to February 2020, Americans would have “ resolved to this new technological advance. ” Before, everyone was in mode: “Okay, we’ll wait and see what happens”he recalls. Then we moved on to the step: “Ah yes, having a robot can be cool after all”. And now everyone wants dozens of robots[dans son entreprise]! »



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