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Val de Briey. Their credit cards disappear after payment at restaurants

In early December 2019, three people came to the Mont-Saint-Martin police station in quick succession to report the theft of their credit card. Common point between the victims: all were restored in signs established in the zone of Auchan Pôle Europe.

Withdrawals for €7,240

The harm is significant. Withdrawals were made as soon as the cards were stolen. Respectively “€1,750, €3,990 and €1,500”, explains Corentin Mercier, president of the Val de Briey judicial court.

On the investigation side, the use of CCTV images of restaurants and a nearby ATM can identify three individuals with questionable behavior. On a recording, two of them observe, telephone in hand, customers ordering on automatic terminals. In another video, a man inserts a bank card three times into an ATM. The three suspects are not long in being identified and heard. They dispute the facts.

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Silence option…

This Tuesday, June 14, only one of the three defendants faces the magistrates. He chooses to remain silent. “The videos are eloquent,” insists Victor Waltmann, deputy prosecutor. Incidentally, the representative of the public prosecutor recalls that the three defendants were sentenced in immediate appearance in Metz and Thionville, for similar acts committed in a meeting, at the same period. He is asking for a prison sentence of eight months.

The defendants’ lawyers are seeking release. “The videos only show the defendants holding a bank card, making withdrawals or approaching people”, develops Me Isciane Ciszewski. “You don’t see anyone stealing a credit card. »

The court will deliver its decision on June 28.



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