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Zoo crowd scared by dog ​​trapped in gorilla enclosure (video)

Big scare in a Californian zoo. A stray dog ​​found himself in the middle of the gorilla enclosure and one of them even ran after him. Fortunately, the staff of the zoo and the team of a local association intervened in time.

A dog was saved in extremis after breaking into the gorilla enclosure at a zoo in San Diego in California. A story reported on June 12 by CBS 8.

The incident and the rescue took place on Sunday afternoon at San Diego Zoo Safari Parklocated in the north of the city.

The stray Shepherd-type dog had managed to enter the zoo and then sneak into the large primate enclosure, causing concern among visitors. Some of the witnesses filmed the scene.

In a video relayed by CBS 8, one of the gorillas can be seen running after the canine. The latter could only escape the worst thanks to his speed. The people who witnessed this chase shouted the name of the monkey in the hope of diverting their attention from the dog and thus helping the latter in its escape.

According to the testimony delivered to the media by a named Desteniey Pickett, there was no guard on the premises at the time. It was only after hearing the cries of the visitors that they arrived and immediately took action; they brought the gorillas back into their boxes.

This is what allowed the 3 volunteers of the local association San Diego Humane Societywho came around 6:30 p.m., to enter the enclosure to put the dog on a leash and in safety.

Illustration for the article: Zoo crowd frightened by dog ​​trapped in gorilla enclosure (video)
San Diego Humane Society

‘Glad no one was injured’

They then took the quadruped to their center, theEscondido Campus, to examine it and take care of it. As the dog has not been identified, he will be kept there for a few days. If no one claims him after the legal deadline, he will be offered for adoption.

Illustration for the article: Zoo crowd frightened by dog ​​trapped in gorilla enclosure (video)
San Diego Humane Society

We’re so glad no one was hurt “, indicated the Humane Society of San Diego after the intervention.

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It is specified that the dog is a male. If he was a female, the name of Diana would have suited him perfectly, in reference to the famous American primatologist Diane Fossey (1932-1985).




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