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volunteers nearly choke on understanding his story

They arrive at the shelter with a cat: the volunteers almost choke when they understand its story

An 18-year-old cat had a terrible misadventure.

Bandit is an adorable 18-year-old cat who lives in the United States.

The tomcat is a Tonkinese breed cat. Bandit is an adorable cat who gets along very well with other cats, doggies and children.

They can no longer provide for her

After living with his family for 18 years, Bandit was abandoned at the Stafford County Animal Shelter. Unfortunately, his former masters could no longer take care of him.

The animal shelter teams were therefore in charge of finding him a new family.

They were very specific with Bandit adoption requests. They indicated that the tom might not be with their family for very long, due to his advanced age.

A real ball of love

Bandit is neutered and has been declawed on both front paws. His vaccinations are not up to date.

The shelter teams wanted to find him a family in which Bandit would feel confident and where he could flourish serenely.

The shelter updated the Facebook post to say that Bandit was finally adopted. What great news for this brave cat!

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