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When can you change home insurance?

There can be many reasons why you may need to change home insurance. The most common is nothing more than a change of residence: If you move or enlarge your home, you must necessarily adapt your home insurance. It can also be related to a change in personal or professional situation. If you get married, divorced or experience a change in your profession (promotion, resignation, dismissal, etc.), this can lead to a change in your income, which requires you to adjust your insurance accordingly. This may also lead to a need to change your warranties. Finally, it may also be that you simply want to compare your contract with proposals from other insurance companies to find a better relationship between quality and price for your home insurance.

During the first year of his contract

You can change home insurance in the first year of your contract if you experience a change in your situation. In this case, the procedure is very simple, you just have tosend a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to your insurance company. Your contract expires one month after receiving your registered letter.

On the anniversary of his contract

If you wish to change the home insurance agreement or simply terminate it on the first anniversary, you simply need to send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt two months before the expiry date. Traditionally, your home insurance contract is tacitly renewed from year to year. For this reason, your insurance company is obliged to inform you at least 15 days before the deadline expires which you can request termination. If he does not, you can cancel after the due date by sending a registered letter without penalty. In this case, the cancellation takes effect the day after sending your cancellation letter, the postmark serving as proof.

After a one-year contract

If you wish to cancel your home insurance after the first year, you must send your cancellation request by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt at any time and without reason. The termination takes effect one month after receipt of the letter by the insurance company.



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